How-To SuittsMe

Buy with confidence

Thousands of websites around the world offer you a variety of jeans, shoes and dresses. It's not that easy to find the right thing for you among hundreds others, especially when you can't try it on.
We all enjoy go to shopping malls with friends to hear their helpful advice.
Let's take this experience online!
Ever felt like asking somebody to help you make a choice?
Well, this is just what SuittsMe was designed for.
Willing to buy new jeans, and not sure how will they suit you? Relax, just copy the product link and open SuittsMe.

Create votings

SuittsMe helps you to make right decision in a fun form of votings.
To create a voting you should follow 3 simple steps.
  • Give us a link to the web page with the clothes you are suggesting to buy.
    We will automatically get clothing images from this link.
  • Add your photos to let other users see you and get your fashion style.
  • And finally add comment from yourself on why you are unsure about purchase.
You will have a chance to preview voting before it's all done.
We want to keep it simple, so everyone who visits your voting will be asked just one question —
«Does it suit me?»

Share with friends

Inviting your friends to voting is really easy. If you have connected your Facebook or Twitter profile to SuittsMe, you will be asked if you want to inform your friends. If you agree, we will update your social network status with image of the clothes and a link to your voting.
Just in a few minutes you will receive feedback from your friends, that will help you to make a decision.
You also may share the voting link manually to selected people, without notifying all of your friends.

Make right decisions and help others

Get feedback and comments from other users. Discuss benefits and drawbacks of garments
and brands and buy clothes that suits you.
After you made up your mind, you can close voting and share your decision with others.
Find people with similar taste in clothes and review their votings to help them make smart buys.
Browse trending votings to see what is popular now in the world of fashion.
Have no doubt that you look trendy and elegant.
Have good time at SuittsMe!

Thank you, SuittsMe team.